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30 Day Blueprint—Day 11—Building Your Squeeze Page Using Frontio

In the 30 Day Blueprint Dean was focused on showing us how to build a squeeze page using Frontio which came as part of the Internet Profits package.

Some folks make a distinction between what a squeeze page is and what an opt-in page is and others see it as the same thing.  Either way, they are both landing pages.  My understanding is that landing pages are used to help educate folks about a particular product or service.  But an opt-in page has few if any images and a small amount of text.

Under that metric, Dean was teaching us how to build an opt-in page.  In the past, I had used a variety of programs to build opt-in pages.  In this case, Dean was using Frontio which turned out to be a pretty good and easy-to-use page builder.  Frontio will also track click statistics with a nice graph.

The opt-in page had the ad pitch but Dean also included at the bottom links to information on cookie policy, earnings disclaimer, terms of service, website privacy and a contact link.

Frontio has the option of turning on a checkbox to accommodate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) required by the European Union if you’re making sales in Europe.  The checkbox is for asking for permission to use the person’s data.  But I think that hurt my opt-in rate when I ran solo ads.

The way Dean laid out everything in the training he made it very easy to set up the opt-in page!!

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