30 Day Blueprint—Day 12—Building Your Bridge Page Using Frontio

In the last post I was telling about how Dean showed us how to make an opt-in or squeeze page with Frontio. Once someone opts in with their email address, they are forwarded to the bridge page, where this page is a free video with valuable information on building an online business.

At the end of the video the person is given the option of clicking into another longer and much more value packed video that leads to a call to action to join Internet Profits.  All that sounds good, but I found it very interesting at what the bridge page really does.

Say I send out some solo ads and get fifty leads, fifty people that have opted in on my squeeze page.  They don’t know me, and I don’t know them, we’re total strangers.  Being how many scams are out on the internet most people are very skeptical about offers being made or information given. So what can be done about that?

Well, as Dean says, we need to warm them up to who we are and what we’re about.  Having a short video overview that gives someone real value helps warm folks up and makes it much easier to get them to take the next step forward.  With the next video they get warmed up even more and given even more valuable information.

This way, when you make your call to action, now you’re dealing with someone more like a friend and not a total stranger.  That’s the real value of a bridge page!

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