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30 Day Blueprint—Day 13—Connecting Aweber to Frontio

Frontio is the program used by Internet Profits to host our opt-in and bridge pages.  Our opt-in page gives us the email address of our prospect and the bridge page helps warm them up as a customer.  As Dean taught before, trying to take a cold prospect directly to a sale doesn’t work well, but helping them get to know you a bit first, improves your chances for a sale a lot!

Here there is a “Y” in the road for the prospect.  The bridge page leads on to another page that warms the customer up even more and at the end presents an offer.  But now days it takes some folks longer to warm up, and that’s where the email list comes into play.

I’ve read in several places now that it used to take seven contacts before a person would begin to trust you enough to take a serious look at your product.  Now the experts are saying because there is so much distrust in online marketing it can take twelve to thirty email contacts before someone takes notice!

So, for the folks that can be warmed up quickly they take the bridge page fork of the Y, and for those who need more warming, they take the email list fork of the Y.

To make those two things work, Dean showed us how to connect Frontio to Aweber in a simple step-by-step method that was very easy to follow.

The next post will be about the end of my second week in Dean’s 30 Day Blueprint.

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