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30 Day Blueprint—Day 15—Creating your first list in Aweber

In this module Dean walks us through creating our first list in Aweber.  In the past I have used GetResponse, and several other autoresponders but so far, I really like Aweber.  Aweber seems to be much easier to use.

While setting up your list we need to keep buyers and prospects separated, you don’t have to, but it’s a good idea!

Aweber describes it best…

“When you are running your email marketing campaign, you may want to have separate lists – one for your prospective customers and one for your existing customers. Since each list in AWeber has its own dedicated follow-up series, someone who is subscribed to a prospect list would receive different follow up messages than someone subscribed to a customer list.

Additionally, you can create an automation rule that will automatically unsubscribe someone from your prospects list once they purchase from you and become a customer. If you’ve integrated your AWeber account with a shopping cart such as PayPal, you can set the app to add subscribers to specific lists based on the product they purchase from you.”

Setting up a rule to remove a prospect and add them to the buyer’s list is straight forward, so it’s easy to do.

The next post will discuss importing our follow up messages from Internet Profits.

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