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30 Day Blueprint—Day 15—Introduction to Following Up

In this module Dean explains why follow up emails are important.  And that follow up emails are more important than the first email contact.  And….44% of marketers give up on a potential customer after the first email!  Unbelievable but true!

There are four reasons follow up emails are important:

  1. These days people are really busy! I mean busy, busy!  And there are lots of other emails vying for their attention.  Follow up emails are like the proverbial squeaking wheel, the noisier the wheel the more likely it is to be noticed and get oiled.  Same with your emails.  The name of the game is being persistent!  Not spammy, but persistent.
  2. As I’ve mentioned before traditionally it has taken seven email contacts before lead warms up to you and your product. Now it’s twelve to thirty times!  People are, and understandably so, cautious about scams and their BS meter is on high alert.  So it takes time, we have to be patient and again persistent.
  3. If you don’t send follow up emails after an attempted sale, you’re leaving money on the table. Most folks don’t buy on the first contact but will more likely buy after more exposure to you and your product.
  4. Data shows that 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. So, you have to keep at it till they are ready to buy.

With autoresponders, it makes it easy to follow up with emails.

Most things I read in the past said to send out emails two to three times a week, but Dean said in his training to email them every day because the competition is so great!



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