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30 Day Blueprint—Day 5—Legal Compliance Pages

Day five was about setting up my legal compliance pages.

The first one was the Privacy Policy.  After the usual disclaimers that Internet Profits cannot offer legal advice and to seek my attorney’s advice, they give you a template.  And they made it very easy to fill in.  Everything in red print needed to be changed.  I made my best guess to the understanding of things and changed the verbiage to fit my personal selling situation.

Terms of Service was the next.  On that page was a list of definitions, contact, account info, payment provision, cancellation, foreign taxes, dissatisfaction, disclaimers, material, security, policy, intellectual property rights, email address, indemnity, miscellaneous provisions, etc.  It was an extremely long document!  But seemed to cover all the things one might run into in terms of service.

The Earnings Disclaimer was straightforward.  It included the business about accurately representing products and potential income.  And the rest of it is to cover one’s backside from getting sued over false or unreasonable claims.

I found the Cookie Policy rather enlightening!  Lots of things I didn’t know or realize about the function of cookies.  Realizing most folks don’t know much about cookies they broke down the sections as follows:

What is a cookie?

How do we use cookies?

Cookie types: Session cookies and Persistent cookies

Cookie categories:  Strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, and functional cookies

They also included a Delivery Policy, but that wasn’t necessary for my business.

The next post will be about publishing my first blog post.

I wish you the best!


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