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30 Day Blueprint—Day 6—First Blog Post

After getting the tour of WordPress, and learning how to set up pages and posts, it was time for my first blog post.  Dean made the point you need to commit to writing at least one blog post a week.  At least!

For me, I’ve committed to writing blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  So far, I’ve been good on that except for the day after Christmas, 2018!  Dean also pointed out, besides filling up your blog with content, that by regularly posting that when folks begin coming to your blog, it won’t be empty!  Yep, you don’t want a barren blog!

Currently, I’m not driving any traffic to my website, I’m only building content for now.

Below is my first post on this blog…


My First Blog Post

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After ten years of trying to make a living with internet marketing and failing miserably, I finally decided to get a mentor—and listen to him! That’s the reason I now find myself blogging or rather blogged since I only have this one post.

The plan is to chronicle my journey. So, over the next several posts I’ll give you, my reader, some background about myself and how I got to this point. Then about my mentor and following that will be my marketing plan/journey as it happens. I promise to post the highs, the lows, and the profitable!

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In the next post, I’ll cover what Dean says is the all-important final step of each piece you build in your business.

I wish you success!


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