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30 Day Blueprint—Day 8—Introduction to list building

This starts the second week of the 30-Day Blueprint.

Last week Dean taught us how to set up WordPress, the information we needed for our legal pages to be in compliance with Internet rules, published my first blog post, and then test, test, and test some more!  We don’t want to lose money through a technical problem.

Now on Day 8, starting our second week, Dean goes over the basics of list building.  Offer folks a lead magnet, get them to opt in and start sending them marketing emails.  The more folks you send, driving traffic, the more likely you’ll be to have a sale.

But I like Dean’s approach to this.  Instead of hard-core selling, Dean tells a story that leads to an offer.  His stories are from his life experiences and are interesting to read.  This model is much simpler to use because as Dean says, it is much easier to tell about something than to create something.  So true!!

And about lead magnets.  Dean has found that the most effective way to attract folks is to offer them something of value for free.  So, he wrote an awesome book on Affiliate Marketing and gives it away!  He does ask for folks to cover the shipping, but this also tells him if the person is willing to let go of some money for something of value and is not just a freebie seeker.

That was day eight!

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