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30 Day Blueprint—Day 9—Getting Started with Aweber

Aweber is an autoresponder that is used to send out emails.  So, when someone opts in to your email list, the autoresponder will send them a welcome email automatically. Dean had us set up our autoresponder to send out one email a day, every day, as long as that person is on the list.

It’s really handy to be able to load up an autoresponder and let it send out the emails for us without us having to do it manually.  And to get us started Dean gave us thirty-three prewritten emails to load up our autoresponder.

He said the best way to write emails was to tell a story that leads to a link that takes a person to a product that compliments the story. Often these stories are about marketing problems that Dean has had and that people can relate to.  He said this was way better than in-your-face hard selling.  It also gives folks a chance to get to know us.  The story ends with a product that will solve the problem.

A word about Aweber, in the past I’ve used four other popular autoresponders and I think that Aweber is the easiest to use.  Also, their support is excellent!!  You can get on chat with them and get the problem solved right then and there!  Some of the others you had to wait a day to get an answer by email.

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