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30 Day Blueprint—Days 1-4–WordPress Intro

It was great finishing the certification!  Now the next step was their 30 Day Blueprint, it’s also called the 30 Day Challenge.  The goal is that when one hits the end of the thirty days, they’ll have a complete Internet business in place.  Website, blog, optin page, bridge page, all tied into Internet Profits ultimate funnel and an email autoresponder set up with a month’s worth of emails to get started!

They spent days 1-4 on learning WordPress.  I already knew WordPress pretty well but still picked up some new information.  For instance, I had always used Akismet as my spam whacker.  But they suggested using Antispam Bee because it wasn’t as intrusive as Akismet.  After they pointed that out, I got to thinking they’re right, Akismet is pretty intrusive, I had just gotten used to it being that way.  But Antispam Bee seems to be working well and not intrusive.

They also went over the issue of Gutenberg that was introduced with WordPress 5.0.  I’ll cover that in my next post.  Also, I was glad to see they recommended WordFence for site security.  I’d used them for several years and thought their free version was pretty amazing.  On one of my older sites I’d had quit a few brute force attacks that WordFence held off with no problem!

Then they spent time on how to do the basic nuts and bolts of WordPress like creating your headline, making a menu, setting your featured image, categories, adding plugins, etc.  It was a really great overview if you didn’t know anything about WordPress.

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