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The Certification Program

One of the unique things about Dean Holland’s Internet Profits was his certification program. Before you can work on and learn from the 30-Day Blueprint, you need to get certified first. Dean wants everyone to have a complete overview of not just how the ultimate funnel works but lays a good common-sense business foundation for our success in Internet Marketing.

There are eight modules to study with a short quiz at the end. Each module has a video, so there isn’t much to read, and quizzes are pretty easy, but you will learn helpful stuff to make your business work. Even after ten years of Internet Marketing, I learned quite a bit.

Module One: The Sales Process

It has six parts starting with a description of the Sales Funnel. I’ve worked on sales funnels in the past, and they were very limited in scale compared to Dean’s that can provide customer value for years!

Which brings up another point, if you find a customer for Internet Profits, they are your customer for life. And no matter if they buy a product or attend a seminar you will continue to earn commissions from that person! No 60 or 90 cookies with Internet Profits!!!

Continuing, next, he discusses Lead Magnets and how he found that giving away products work the best in getting someone to opt-in to his mailing list. (Yes, they do teach you all about list building.) Module one continues with Customer Acquisition, Value Maximization, Recurring Revenue, and the benefits of Premium Products.

The big help for me was that the certification program filled in the holes in my learning. I had learned a lot in those fruitless ten years, but now my understanding was getting all smoothly linked together without the holes or gaps in my previous understanding.

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