Two Men

A Mentor?

After ten years of struggling trying to make something work in Internet marketing, the bulb finally went off. I realized I needed to learn how to do it from someone who is already doing it and has done it well!

That sent me off looking for a mentor. Most of the mentors I found were way out of my price range. Or on the other end of things, the ones I could afford didn’t appear to be all that successful themselves. Thinking the whole idea was a dead end, and ready to give up, I discovered Internet Profits!!

Wow, the main guy, Dean Holland, I learned had a similar story to mine. He struggled like me but landed himself into big-time debt trying to make things work; then he got a mentor, a really expensive one, a now he’s a multimillionaire and a leader in Internet marketing.

What was great about Dean was that he understood little guys like me trying to make it work. So, he developed a program, an affordable program, that allows folks to share multiple mentors!
And on top of that, he built what he calls the Ultimate Funnel, and even shared it on a TED talk. So now someone like me doesn’t have to build a funnel from scratch but can plug into his funnel and share the profits!

Dean has laid this all out in what he calls the 30 Day Blueprint that teaches you how to plug into his Ultimate Funnel and then teaches you how to drive traffic to the funnel. And that’s where I’m at, learning to plug into his funnel. And that’s what this blog will chronical. What I’m doing and will it ultimately be profitable?

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