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About Me

During my 30 year working career, I was a water quality chemist, environmental scientist, consultant, and technical writer. Most of that time was spent working for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) except for the seven years I spent as an environmental consultant working with Fortune 500 companies to resolve regulatory issues or fabricating specialty equipment for laboratories. I enjoyed both ends of that spectrum.

In my spare time, I worked on projects in aquaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, bioremediation, and renewable energy. Most of that was done in the United States. However, I spent some time in Cambodia and Malaysia working with aquaponics and training the local staff. While helping an international high school in Malaysia, I had the privilege of proposing a project that won the school an environmental grant from the Ford Foundation.

In addition, I have also been an adjunct professor at two local colleges teaching Cellular Biology and Business Math. And I spent a year editing biology textbooks for McGraw-Hill Education. (Till my wife told me I was spending too much time with it, actually, I was having too much fun!!)
Now I am retired and writing this from an island in South East Asia where I live. My lovely wife has been with me for forty-four years, and we have four awesome adult children who are living at various times around the globe.