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Certification—Module 2—Success Metric

In the Success Metric Dean lays out the overview of what it takes for your Internet Marketing business to be successful. Not the nuts and bolts of making things work, but how things should flow to be profitable.

There are three parts to making a profit. Traffic, the people you send to your offer. Conversions, how many purchased. And Expenses, what it cost to get those sales. That last one gave me a sad chuckle. I can recall making a few good sales on my own, but they cost me, no kidding, five to ten times what I made!!

The next three parts of module two Dean dives deeper into the traffic, conversions, and expenses topics.

Not having a business background to draw on, instead I had a biological science background, so I knew spending more than you made didn’t add up but Dean brought to the table so much more clarity in my thinking. So, Module 2 was a good one for me to learn!
In the next post, I’ll cover what I learned in Module 3.

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