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Certification—Module 3—Creating Your Number

Module three has three parts.
First is what is our, “Why?” What will motivate us to work our business and to hang in there through the tough times. So, it must be a pretty strong Why! That’s pretty foundational because if we only want to make money, that won’t last. But if we want to make money to say pay off a school loan, or to be free from our day job, or some such thing, our reason has to be concrete, powerful, and motivating. So that’s what Dean has us work on first.
Second is to dream and design. Even to fantasize a bit to dream about what we want that would make us happy. Dean suggests we get some paper and lay out our dream. Whatever that dream is, he wants us to imagine the final product if you will.
And thirdly, he has us find our number, to calculate what that dream would cost to accomplish. All the details leaving out nothing, and add it all up and find our number, the amount of money that it would take to make us happy.
After those three things are in place, we line them up. A strong motivating Why, our dream designed, and what it will all cost, our number. Once we have the number, then later we can backtrack and see how many sales it will take to get to that number to make it all happen!
Module three was a great overview to clearly think about what motivates us and what we want to achieve.

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