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Certification—Module 4—The Six Figure Roadmap

In this part of the certification, Dean goes over the Six Figure Roadmap. It’s a general overview. The how-to comes later on in the 30-day challenge. This helped me get a firmer fix on Deans larger plan.

He broke this section down into four parts. Education, Traffic, Plan, and Action.

Education: Dean pointed out something that was problematic for me. He said you need to learn just enough to go forward and we can fill in the blanks later on in the more technical part of our journey.

The reason the education issue was a problem for me was because whatever method I planned on using, I would want to learn all about it and how everything worked in all details. Generally, I’d get so lost in the program I wouldn’t get to where I was originally headed before I found another shiny marketing object to follow!

Traffic: Another point Dean made was to find 1 or at most 2 traffic methods that you liked and could stick with and to be patient till they started working. This was again a problem for me.

I’d buy a new marketing method and try it for a couple of weeks, and it wasn’t working I moved on. I learned from Dean we need to give these methods time to work. As he said, focus on one at max two traffic methods and become good at them.

Plan: Create a plan of action and follow it. Well, again, I’d buy courses on writing business plans, get an outline laid out, then try to follow it. But even following a plan didn’t guarantee the plan would work. So now I’m following Dean’s plan that has been proven to work and made Dean a multimillionaire!

Action: The last part of the module was about taking action on your business every day. No matter if you do a little or do a lot just work it every day. That’s what I’m doing now, every day, except Christmas that just passed, I’m trying to commit a couple of hours a day working on my business.

Will all this work for me? Only time will tell, but I’m focused on Dean’s plan, and I’ll keep ya posted.

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