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Certification—Module 5—Understanding Traffic

There were three parts to this module: Overview, Free Traffic, Paid Traffic.

In the overview, Dean talked about the three types of customers you find in traffic. There is Cold Traffic where folks don’t know anything about you or the benefit of your offer; this would be their first contact. And it is the hardest to convert to a sale.

Warm Traffic, they know a little something about you and your offer and Warm Traffic is a little easier to convert to a sale.

But Hot Traffic is what you want. These are folks who know you, want what you have to offer and maybe, more importantly, they trust you! The goal in traffic would be to build your list with Hot Traffic, buyers that trust you and are willing to put down cash for the benefit of what you offer.

Dean then went into the two kinds of traffic, the Free Traffic, and Paid Traffic.

Free Traffic doesn’t require any up-front costs, but you have to invest a lot of time into it. I saw this with some other things I was involved with in the past. To do things the cheap way, you must put in a lot of time.

And by Free Traffic I mean things like, forum posting, Quora posting, live feeds, YouTube, blogging, etc.

Paid Traffic requires little time compared to the Free Traffic but costs money up front. Things like AdWords, Native Ads, FaceBook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Display Network, Twitter Ads, etc.

Later in the course, Dean suggests a person does one free method and one paid method to drive traffic in their business.

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