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Certification—Module 6—Strategy

Since I’m sharing my Internet Marketing journey with you, my readers, you’ve probably noticed I’m trying to find my blogging voice! Sounds weird but it’s true, and I’m finding this a bit difficult.

Believe it or not, I have five books published on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc. I don’t have a problem dumping words onto paper, but finding my blogger’s voice is a challenge. So please bear with me!

In module nine of the certification course, Dean covered six topics under strategy.

Time Investment
Financial Investment
Your Traffic Plan
Implementation Plan
And Your Strategy

Overview is an overview, pretty obvious.

Time Investment, now the way Dean covered that was pointing out that it’s more about your consistent time commitment that you can put into your business versus a pile of time you put in periodically. And of course, to put your time in the right things that will move your business forward and that’s where Dean is a big help!

Financial Investment, this was the section in which I was pretty impressed. Dean makes this financially accessible for everyone. If you have a lot of money to put in your business, he shows you how, if you have very little money, he shows you how as well.

–That was especially true in the Traffic Plan. If you can afford to put money into an ad strategy, he provides all the training with a handful of proven methods, or with little money, he also teaches multiple free ways to drive traffic! He says the perfect model is to use one paid method and one free method for traffic, that’s what he does.

Implementation Plan, just get to it and do it! (smile) Dean is a big believer in learning just enough to keep rolling to get your business moving, later spending time learning the finer points of the programs used.

Strategy, Dean teaches you in the certification program how to lay out your own strategy and then encourages you to get moving and follow it!

That’s it for module six, and only two more to go! Then I’ll get into the 30-day challenge that I just finished and what that’s all about.

Best wishes with your business!


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