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Certification—Module 7—Leverage

In module seven Dean covered the concept of leverage in business.

Leverage in terms of business means, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is to use something you already have to achieve something new or better.

Tony Robbins gives the example of a guy who had enough cash to buy a mobile home, but what he wanted was a four bedroom, two-story house.  So by leveraging the bank’s money through a loan, he could buy his dream home.

Dean went into a discussion of how important leverage can be to our business by leveraging other people’s experience, skills, work, or money to achieve something better.

So in my case, I invested money into Dean’s company as a member and now I have access to several mentors from who I can leverage their experience in internet marketing.

I have at my disposal training modules that can enhance my skills without trying to learn those skills from scratch like I so often did in the past.

They have already done all the work building the ultimate funnel I now have access to.

So with my money, I have been able to leverage all the above giving me far more financial potential than if I had just left it to sit in a bank.

To me, I am gaining so much more than what I put in that I’m amazed and wished I had done this long ago instead of struggling on my own for ten years!

The next module is the last module, then I’ll chronicle the 30 Day Challenge, which has been awesome!!

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