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Certification—Module 8—Graduation!

Dean’s seven modules helped me get a more complete overview of what it takes to make Internet Marketing work.  I’d learned a lot in ten years on my own but there were gaps in my understanding that the certification course filled in.  Which was great!

Besides the knowledge from the certification, being certified unlocks more of Dean’s training such as the 30 Day Challenge I’ll start into on the next post.

It was smart of Dean to make folks get certified first before heading on to the great stuff.  Otherwise, folks would be like me, land in all the wealth of training with gaps in my head.  This way everyone starts out with the same basic information.  This also makes his next section the Challenge a lot easier to learn.

Also, after you get certified you get a seal to put on your website or use in your marketing.  My seal is the picture with this post and you’ll notice they customized it with my name.

Here’s a pic of my certification certificate:


They also put your picture on the wall of fame:

Wall of Fame      Nick on wall of fame


In the next post I’ll explain the 30 Day Challenge.  When I hit the end of the 30 days that’s when I can hopefully begin making some money!

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